Goodbye, my love

20 Dec 2010

Goodbye, my love
Then, after a year, and in this cold winter day, the picture seems sad past movie, floating in my eyes. Whenever Looking back, my heartache pains, I do not know when to really be able to completely forget you, forget our past, had a new life. But you should know that when you break my heart, into my simple mind. Silly me, thought I to be happy, and to declare the world I have you. You know, when I wait for you more than 8 months, students, friends say I am silly, but what do they understand. I always firm was willing to wait, ah hope every day I hope, finally, hard to wait, before exchange with me and you sweet.Bmw GT1|diagnostic tool|auto diagnostic tools|Programmer and Chips |Auto Testing Tools|Transponder Key|Tire Pressure Monitoring System|Original ICC IMMO Calculator The days get along with you, I really do not know how happy, how happy, though we sometimes contradictory to some more or less trouble, but the little things of no, less serious mistakes can be corrected, weakness can be corrected, character Is running, and get along with each other should be good value should be but the opportunity once lost, never come back. I know, you’re out, you do not want, maybe I’m really wrong, the trouble we may not like that, making for trouble all right, I know, you’ll never go back to my Come around, I know, I’m not not touch better, but because we love each other before, countless good people in the world, but I met you very satisfied, remember, we Each other’s promises, we have to grow old together, and not this promise is naught of it? Can two people get along word that is a lie? I really can not believe I had always been deceiving myself.

We really separated more than 5 months, and now you should have another love with you, anyway, I’ll bless you, happy, happy, happy! Please forgive me wrong.




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