See constellations, the stock market wealth chat

27 Nov 2010

See constellations, the stock market wealth chat
Recently, A-share market can be described as changeable. Looking back, people will realize it is sometimes not because the market did not see, but trusting to luck, hard, stubborn character weakness such as yourself stop missed opportunity. In other words, stocks are not for everyone. So, how to determine their suitability for stocks it? Through the constellation to infer their own stock fortune, the moment many young investors to become the talk of the Internet. Now, we may also wish to look through the constellation of their own stock fortune. Of course, this right when a pastime, do not believe it.
Often without thinking, too impulsive. Therefore, to avoid false positives, it is best to ask an expert in the investment advice before. However, Aries can often discover new shares, small plates stocks led the way to enjoy the gains.
Stock fortune Index: 3
Zhang said investors: this year I fell and badly battered in the stock market until we have a clear mind finance, and financial management to really use “idle money” and not divert the money necessary for life, or else the money did not make the are now lost.
Suitable value of the investment. Taurus calm patient, was also ruled by Venus, the wealth brought good luck. Critical character of the price they can identify undervalued stocks, but avoid petty advantages of speculative type of investment.
Stock fortune Index: 4
Mr. Yao said investors: stock five or six years, the operation had also that the stock back and forth five or six, though have had the experience to be deep-set, but overall, thanks to these shares, or less profit.
Most will plan carefully, but too timid, only willing to make sound investment, but also too sensitive, with a total sign of trouble and played for, so if you can reduce the emotional impact would be smart trader. For women to buy and related industries or companies.
Stock fortune Index: 2
Investors Miss Xu said: I am not quite little timid, but very poor stock performance, stock in hand across the board is now stuck, if they have a chance to get out of trouble, I will leave the “cannibal” in the market.
Money for them, just to show part of the achievement, so do not want to put into research.Auto Diagnostic|VCM IDS|Automotive Diagnostic|VAS 5054A|volvo vida dice|Lexia 3|Nissan consult 3 |T300 key programmer|Benz Star|FORD VCM IDSIf you can spend some thought would be potential candidates for large speculators. Investment in good fortune, there are also honored to help.
Stock fortune Index: 4
Shareholders Ray said: I like all in all out before, and often the same warehouse full of stock, but their stocks and not too hard, and sometimes four consecutive five days do not read the tape. But now I began to try to diversify the investment, the current results look pretty good.
Can persist in the end of a stock investment in Constellation, Buffett is the constellation. Their learning ability, memory is stronger, not make the same mistakes, coupled with emotional stability, and long-term holders of their earnings secret move. However, because of some Virgo perfect doctrine, the existence of investment miscarriage of justice. They are strong investors, it may be the ultimate winner. For buying land, brand equity stocks.
Stock fortune Index: 5
Investors Chow said: I pay special attention to the operation spread risk, the choice of the species will reveal the characteristics of the hedge. In addition, I have more patience and fantasy will never get rich, do a safe investment, and slowly accumulate wealth.

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