Who moved the house slaves of wealth?

2 Nov 2010

Who moved the house slaves of wealth?
It is because of the mortgage, to make people willing to bear the high prices, but the money is paid by the past, present and future overdraft is the wealth of it.Bmw GT1|diagnostic tool|auto diagnostic tools|Programmer and Chips |Auto Testing Tools|Transponder Key|Tire Pressure Monitoring System|Original ICC IMMO CalculatorEverything really is “tomorrow’s money with a round of today’s dream”?
Housing mortgage slaves created
Once upon a time, two old ladies dying reflections on the American joke - “I finally moved into new house” and “I finally pay off the mortgage a” - was regarded as differences in Chinese and the Americans a true portrayal of consumer attitudes . However, as if overnight, has always been a “living beyond” ashamed of the Chinese people to learn to “use tomorrow’s money, round today’s dream”, in which the mainstream is the young people.Banks to provide loans to all possible.

“Fighing buy a house in mind,” reveals the process of house slaves created the mortgage. If the cattle directly from the hands of pig farming to buy land for housing, 100 square meters of housing cattle, the total cost of only 7 million. If there are no bank loans, a tight corner of the room can only be sold for up to 20 million, can the existing 20 million cattle deposit exhausted; If we high, cattle can not afford to buy, and it exhausted their savings to buy a house big deal , but do not do house slaves.
And with bank loans, loans from the highest price the price of 20 yuan / 100 square meters pushed to 100 million / 100 square meters. Cattle with their own savings to 20 million and 80 million bank loan to buy the Ox, but also has the interest of bank loans, since cattle do never ending slavery.
Room by the predatory price to live a comfortable life of people living into a house slave, it is like in the “Fighing buy mind,” the story, cattle 10 years before 20 million savings robbed,

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Through the role of the mortgage, but also after the cattle almost steal the wealth of 30 years.
If the words of GDP to dollars, GDP from the 7 million into a 1.864 million yuan. This is a house slave for 40 years the total savings to it! Wolf, a tight corner, foxes and mice have looted the wealth of these is called the economic pillar, through the calculation of GDP, the total wealth of society is called. However, there really is a community do?
Why buy a cow so expensive house? Most cattle are like, although it suffered a little loan, but after 30 years, the house is his. It is in this state of mind, many cattle are willing to cook a house slave!
General, house slaves to their own situation rarely comes down to bank loans, conflicts are still concentrated in the housing provider - Developer body. One of the most intuitive reason is that prices set by the developer. But the house slaves who often ignore the basic economic problems - high prices, banks, developers and engage with their own up.

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