Rose Gray

2 Nov 2010

Rose Gray
Boy falling out of love, the girl chose the others. He better not be reconciled, each day indulging in alcohol and tobacco among waste degrees of life, for him, the world has no meaning, life has already lost the reason to live, in addition to pain, could not find anything else the.

At this time, God appeared, I do not know is that compassion, or mercy. “What do you wish?” God asked.

“Take me to a place where there is no love, and I would like to use their own life in exchange for a month. This world, I have no reason to exist.” The boy said in frustration.

“Okay.” God considers this: “There is such a world, but I can give you a chance.”

“What chance?”

“When you want to come back, as long as this month, let a woman you say ‘I love you’, then you can return here.”
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“I do not want to come back.” The boy said. He smiled and closed his eyes, to meet with the new world, that He says that he will not be any more pain of the world, it will not be love in the world.

The world is gray. This is the boy’s first reaction, all eyes are not color, but perhaps it is the boys want the world. Will not be painful. So the boy lived down this way, accept the calm, quiet waiting for death.

Until that day, calm but was broken, he saw the girl, the one with the girl he loves has a very similar appearance, and even sound, with habits, and even personality are so similar, he stared, know that they can not escape, no matter their stay in any place, whether it is once of the world, or is this gray world, their always in love with the girl, never forget. He thought God had given him the chance, so tell yourself: “Anyway, can not forget her feelings, and that not to give up, she dumped me in that world again, then I will her recovery in the world right , and then bring her back. us back. “

Since then, the boy every day to find the girl during the day to her flower shop to send her a bouquet of roses gray evening, standing under her window to tell her how much he is like her, are not changed every day. But the girl has never promised, in addition to a refusal, do not even hesitate before. Boys do not understand that he is absolutely not bad, the girl has no boyfriend, why can not promise him? Do not even have to think about? What is she hiding something Could it?

As a result, the boy finally asked the girl: “Why do you refuse to give me a chance?”

“Because, there is no red rose Yeah.” Girls do not answer with any feelings, but also not a joke.

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