The ultimate love is tolerance

14 Sep 2010

The ultimate love is tolerance
Woman has an affair, wants to divorce her husband. Husband does not agree, the women would all noisy. In desperation, the husband had agreed to the request of his wife. However, the divorce, he wanted to see his wife’s boyfriend. Promised his wife mouthful. Early next morning, he gave the middle-aged man with a tall and handsome home.
One woman thought her husband to see their boyfriends will menacing onslaught. Can the husband did not, he is very gracious and men shook hands. , He said he wanted to talk with her boyfriend, hoping his wife while avoiding. Woman follow her husband’s proposal. Stand at the door, a woman heart uneasiness, which, for fear the two men fighting in the house. Proved that her fear is entirely superfluous. A few minutes later, two men walked out of place without incident.

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Send her boyfriend on the way home, a woman could not help asking: “My husband and what you talked about? Is not to say bad things about me?” Boyfriend one, stopped in her tracks and shook his head and said he regrets: “You do not know about your husband, just as I do not like you! “a woman listening to quickly plead:” I do not know how he, his stiff, lack of interest, simply do not like a family nanny-like men. “
“Since you know so much about him, you should know what he told me what?”
“Say what?”
“He said you heart is not good, but easy to violent anger, told me to get married all along you; he said you stomach is not good, but like to eat chili, told me in the future advise you to eat less red pepper.”
“Is that all?” Women a little surprised.
“On these, nothing else.”
After hearing, a woman slowly ground his head. Boyfriend walked up and stroked the hair of women, in earnest: “Your husband is a good man, he was open-minded than I am. Go back, he is really worthy of your attachment, he and other men more than I know how love you. “
Finished, her boyfriend turned resolutely away.
After this incident, a woman no longer mentioned the word divorce, because she has to understand that she has this love is the best share of.

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