Without you, a person can go on strong

13 Aug 2010

Do not know if unknowingly, to Nanning has two, and two months later, also learned a lot, but do not know why the heart is still empty, always fond of saying that trouble, but do not know what the trouble, think about a child of their own, innocent smile, think every day is the hope of his mother to buy ice cream occasionally a little money to let me help her buy some daily necessities, I think it is a very welcome, and would like to have this sort of thing every day do most teachers do not want to do as much work arrangement, as you can and Xiao Ning kids go out and play more, you can throw their hands with Juan, hide and seek, grasp child, playing marbles, throwing sandbags, for the time The feel is so happy, then that is secretly watching TV, your home to your parents not to look, not on my home to my parents house my heart I’m afraid my parents would suddenly go home, when the time Come to think of it growing up, so my parents will not control us, because they watch TV is no one tube, and the most children like to watch the channel every day, “Woodpecker Island”: a “big head father son Dad, “slowly on the junior high school, did not feel so fun before, for the most favorite sports are not on the, what entertainment do not, and that skipping the children who think they are cute, but told us themselves to jump, I felt it was not the scope of our activities, because we have already exceeded that age, that is followed daily classes, food, sleep, and slowly that the puppy love.

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See that many students have their own favorite boy, but when the heart is an innocent, because only know that boys like and talk with him and happy, but later learned that love is not the so-called ,; because there do not know what love is, like night and chatted with friends hiding in the quilt that on some of the so-called love, and then will be room long accused, can not speak to his real love was when he realized heart Live is so good, my mind all day the other half, TV does not see, do not like to eat snacks, and two people after all the layout so everything perfect, no society is how to experience the reality of For the love of two people holding so much confidence in the future who will encounter something unexpected, and only in the aftermath of that, how could it not possible within, because we all want to start off The good, everyone wants to get good, so when you encounter problems, emotional problems, life problems, we will be conscious, original everything is not easy to choose a few people, aside all over again. The majority are still living in the past, memories, admit defeat, not willing, always ask yourself why, ask someone why, I can only say that this is life, every day there are new things to happen, then You will grow, you will be sensible, will mature, will survive, and then slowly to learn self-reliance root, only figured out, everything had to rely on their own, who is also unreliable, no one would has been guarded, has said a lifetime to protect you from people who do not know when it has become a stranger, this is life, he was always pregnant and sorrow, together with scattered, there is crying with laughter, but more people who choose to continue along this road, and small number of people who are not open his heart was chosen another road, his life came to an end, every day hear that tired, not tired, but my heart is weary, yes ah, how we and why heart will be tired, why do we all groan at the same time, while lamenting, perhaps this is why we must go through a phase, but in the end I just want to say that I am very tired, very tired, but do not know Why tired, why upset, why are there so many of why, or he could not let go of his original, that is the reason, always complaining about life, regardless of level, social injustice, always wondering why they are Unfortunately, it’s always felt had a great failure, others had not abandoned us, but slowly giving up their own, perhaps someone you have not given up a lot, but suddenly one day a person to give you a lot When your heart has lost the balance point, so no matter how many people to abandon you, and make sure you do not give up, because you all give up, it should give you more courage to go through with went on the road, do they not imagine the thing, only try and try again, fueling further fueling the hope that fuel so friends, there will be happiness, and love will be there, even if you love to leave, but there will be a love of people waiting you, Lan Lan, believe in yourself, a person can be a strong finish the road goes on, love the person you always wait for you, he would appear on time!

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