Even his choice of road were also finish the Crumble

13 Aug 2010

There is something missing, and a lifetime of missed. People are bound to, hold a constant commitment, but could not restrain a fickle heart.

Sometimes persistence is a burden, giving up is a relief, did not perfect, happiness is not 100 points, know that they can not afford to have so much time, and no right to ask so much, or his suffering, but also difficult for each other.

Heart belongs to a person, what is fair in love? Love deep, deep hurt, love where there is no unfair. Love should not love, is never the light of day sigh, love do not love your man, the tears burst start.

Commitment is a white, thick and then the script has also been the outcome, I think I know the taste of tears, even if paid every minute, every second I do not have bailing. In this world there is no lasting happiness, only the moment of comfortable and well-being.

If you put my feelings, as a game, I can not afford that, more losers, sweet words, who knows the pain behind my smile, love from the beginning of a smile, a kiss grow, eventually tear the end, by the injury, end up with scars, finally leaving traces, force yourself to forget you, but loved to know all about the original I can not, maybe silence is the best comfort, and perhaps memory is the best outcome, stupid always the same, can not escape sad, because you have a dream in mind, so willing to stray.

Some fate doomed to lose, some fate doomed to a bad end, love does not necessarily have to have him one, but with a person must go to love him, do not give up, or let our.

Do not no sunshine, but spring can not be entered

Not because there is no singing, but to give up their pursuit of

Not because there is no applause, but lost his ideals

In fact, all leading to the sun every avenue, all full of frustrations.

Each one leading to the ideal way is full of hardships and sweat!

The development of many things doomed it to an end, enjoy the beautiful process of passing, we should learn to forget, burst into laughter for a return, boldly cry, looked up look, a bright sun, I believe the time can change everything! Do not let your tears. Spring with spring style, elegant winter with winter life each have their own beauty, each have their own smart, you laugh the world laughs with you. You cry, only one person you cry. When not own, the only thing to do is to make myself not to forget

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